Washworld Install at Bay Port Shell

Washworld is one of our primary providers for in-bay automatic equipment. We installed their Razor Edge and Profile at Bay Port Shell in Green Bay, WI. Read on to learn more about each wash and its features.

Razor Edge

Washworld brings a new in-bay automatic vehicle wash to the line-up with the Razor EDGE (Enhanced Design Global Experience). Meet the perfect combination of speed and user experience in car wash technology. The Razor EDGE is equipped with reliable Razor car wash components plus an intense customer experience array, featuring three new elements: HyperFlex, LumenArch, and SpectraRay. (Source: Washworld)

Bay Port Shell Razor Edge


This is the high-tech soft touch car wash system you’ve been looking for – Profile. It combines Washworld technology with the latest in wash material for the best in customer and owner experience. (Source: Washworld)

Bay Port Shell Profile

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