We proudly distribute Washworld touch-free and soft touch equipment. You can review some of Washworld’s equipment offerings below. We can discuss which will be the best for your car wash business; give us a call at 877-421-WASH (9274).

Razor Double Barrel

New to Washworld’s touch-free vehicle line-up is Razor Double Barrel, specifically designed with two spray arch manifolds, one high pressure and one low pressure, to intensely maximize the wash your car receives. Double Barrel’s power blasts away pesky bugs and dirt leaving your car exceptionally clean.


The Washworld Razor is an innovative, touch-free, in-bay automatic car wash that continues to transform touch-free car washing. Razor earns its reputation as one of the hardest working machines on the market. Built to last, Razor’s corrosion resistant stainless steel construction can withstand nearly any condition in any climate – resulting in fewer maintenance calls and longer up-time.

Razor EDGE

Meet the perfect combination of speed and user experience in touch-free car wash technology. The Razor EDGE comes equipped with the all reliable Razor components, plus an intense customer experience. Featuring all new elements: HyperFlex and SpectraRay.

Razor XR-7

Razor XR-7 combines the great features you’ve come to expect from Washworld with flexible options for a low-cost, customized car wash. Razor XR-7 is loaded with features like triple pass technology for front and rear cleaning, belt drive technology, Energy Chain, Virtual Attendant and VS2 Vehicle Sizing System.


The Profile is the soft touch car wash system that combines Washworld’s advanced technology used in touch-free systems with the latest in washing materials. Best of all?… Profile’s innovative wash media gives your customers optimal, customized cleaning!