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How To Use The #LittleMiss Social Media Trend for Your Car Wash Business

If you have scrolled on social media recently, you have probably seen the #littlemiss trend. It seems like it is everywhere on Instagram.

The trend takes characters from the Mr. Men and Little Miss book series and adapts them in a variety of ways. Instagram users are adding their own text after “Mr.” and “Little Miss” in order to express themselves, share their interests, and/or make a joke.

While many public figures are sharing the meme, you can also benefit from the trend. Your car wash business can utilize a Little Miss character in a way that is authentic and specific to your brand. This type of post offers a fun way to engage with your target audience.

Shur-Kleen utilized the meme by adding copy like “has ‘wash me’ written on her back window” and “has more paw prints in his car than hairs on his head.” Splash used the meme to promote their member program.

At Blue Dolphin, we used the meme as a way to relate to our audience and showcase what we do. Below are a few of our Little Miss characters.

To create our posts, we used Canva. You could use any design tool that works best for you! All you need is an image of one of the characters to get started.

We look forward to seeing your #littlemiss on the ‘gram!