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May 2022 Updates

Happy (almost) summer! At Blue Dolphin, we have a lot of current updates to share with you.

First, Washworld recently announced a price increase for June 1, 2022. If you are looking to upgrade or repair your wash, now is the time! You can give us a call at 877-421-WASH (9274) to schedule your upgrades and repairs. Scheduling now ensures current pricing and that your wash will be complete before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Also coming up in June, Blue Dolphin representatives will be at the Heartland Car Wash Association Show. It’s taking place on June 7th and 8th. You can check out additional details here. If you’re attending, make sure to stop by the Washworld booth to say hi!

As you may have already been noticing, it’s bug season. Front grills are paying the price. Is your wash set up with bug removers? Blue Dolphin can reprogram your wash to apply bug removers from the side view mirrors to the front of the car. You can give us a call at 877-421-WASH (9274) to schedule this upgrade.

Lastly, we want to acknowledge a customer that recently got set up with ceramic protectants: Sudzee! Check out this video to see the wash in action. If you want to learn more about ceramics in your wash, just give us a call at 877-421-WASH (9274).

We thank you for your current business and future business!

Washworld’s New Touch-Free Equipment: The Razor Double Barrel

Washworld recently featured their latest Razor, the Double Barrel, at The Car Wash Show.

It’s specifically designed with two spray arch manifolds, one high pressure and one low pressure, to intensely maximize the wash your car receives. Double Barrel’s power blasts away pesky bugs and dirt leaving your car exceptionally clean.

Like Razor EDGE, Razor and Razor XR-7, Razor Double Barrel provides a safe, consistently reliable car wash system upholding the highest standards in quality and efficiency. 

Below are a few key features of the Razor Double Barrel and their highlights.

Polyethylene Arch Cover 

The vibrant blue, rotationally molded polyethylene arch cover catches the eye of the customer while protective cross-link face foam gives added protection. For added convenience, a high pressure gauge has been mounted onto the spray arch for monitoring nozzle pressure.

Two Spray Arch Manifolds

Double Barrel encompasses two spray arch manifolds to give an intense cleaning that is sure to get customers talking. The stainless steel low pressure manifold includes 8 top and 14 side VeeJet nozzles, while the stainless steel high pressure manifold includes 8 top and 14 side stainless steel zero degree rotating turbo nozzles.

Arch Face Cover

The Double Barrel arch face cover incorporates dual cross linked polyethylene replaceable nozzle protectors. The face cover can easily be removed for direct access to both the VeeJet and stainless steel zero degree rotating turbo nozzles.

Double Barrel Carriage Height

The Double Barrel carriage height has been raised by 4” to accommodate the stainless steel zero degree rotating turbo nozzles to maintain a 7’ vehicle clearance. The side arch has been extended out by 12” to maintain the optimal cleaning distance. Customers will appreciate the robust sound of Double Barrel’s intense spraying.

Want to learn more? Give us a call today at 877-421-WASH (9274).