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The 5 Senses of Your Car Wash Business

According to WashTrends Magazine, you can engage all senses to attract car wash customers.

Sight: Make sure your wash is well lit and clean. Signage, color, and movement all catch the eye.

Sound: The wash bay can be designed in a way that noise is non-offensive to guests.

Smell: Nobody likes bad smells, plain and simple. Positive smells can be created during the wash process by using scented solutions! Lemon has been studied to evoke feelings of cleanliness, while lavender helps people feel calm.

Specify in the policy a specific list of persons who have the right to drive the car. If you choose the “No restrictions” option, the cost of the policy will almost double. The Central Bank reform is also aimed at creating more favorable conditions wisconsin unemployment insurance for the insured. Thus, the prime rate was decreased by 20%, and the system of coefficient calculation by age and experience increased the number of levels from 4 to 58. Now the insurance for experienced drivers is cheaper than for motorists without experience. Another useful innovation is the preservation of the discount when there is a break in experience.

Touch: Customers expect a damage-free wash experience.

Taste: Obviously, customers will not be tasting the car wash. But, they may grab snacks at the neighboring c-store. If you own a c-store and a car wash, consider incentives like a free coffee with a car wash. This will encourage customers to engage with both of your businesses.

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